Saudi Arabia

In August 2019, I received a greeting from a Saudi Arabian guest. He said that he needs a mouse board in a small cabinet, but he needs the CIF price of Jeddah. I said that I can give you the FOB price and let my freight forwarding or Your freight forwarder is responsible for shipping. Finally, he was quoted to the freight rate of our freight forwarding, but I told him in advance that the sea freight was changed every week. The final shipping cost was based on the freight report, and he agreed. After his request, we revised the design again and again, and finally confirmed that we started production. Because our production line is relatively perfect, in fact, it can be completely completed in a few days, mainly due to the tight schedule of the factory. After more than ten days of arrangement, production was finally started, and production was completed within the time limit requested by the guests. Next, we arranged the loading and delivery, and finally arrived at the guests, this time the business was successfully completed.

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