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From crawling ants to scary spiders, bugs are not what you want to find at home. What is particularly annoying is that fruit flies come from nowhere. Of course, you can drive them away, but a better long-term solution is to do a little kitchen cleaning and stock up on staple food, and you'll soon be free and free of flies. 

If you find black bugs around your house, the first thing you should do is make sure you encounter a fruit fly, not an ordinary fly that looks like a fungal insect. Gnats are mostly gray or black, while fruit flies range from light brown to red, orange and brown. Fruit flies like to eat overripe fruit (the same is true of other fruits!) and like high fructose substances.Fungal mosquitoes, on the other hand, live on soils and plants, so if you think you find these, the problem may not be in your fruit bowl. 

Females lay eggs on the surface or inside of overripe, rotten, or rotten fruit. After hatching, the larvae feast on their surroundings for a few days (like freshly ripe bananas) and then develop into fully mature adults. Overall, their life cycle is very fast-fruit flies can mate two days after they reach adulthood-which means your cleaning clock will start as soon as possible. 

Fruit flies don't like clean desktops, so keep them as clean as possible. When you spill some juice or other sugary substances, don't wait until your favorite TV show is over. Keep the sink free of food residue and remove all residue from inside and outside the sink. If you don't, they will be the perfect destination for fruit flies to reproduce. You don't want it. 

Mix Apple Cider Vinegar with detergent. Pour the vinegar into a bowl, add a drop of detergent and stir well. Apple Cider Vinegar seduced flies with his stale sweetness, while dishwashing soap actually reduced the surface tension of the liquid, so the flies were submerged and could not escape. 

Pour out an old bottle of beer. Put a bottle of aged wine or beer where fruit flies are found.They are attracted to stale drinks, but the narrow mouth of the bottle is the natural barrier from which they are trapped. 

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In the Green Marsh Reserve in North Carolina, on some quiet days, the chirp of birds and insects becomes a crackling sound. Blue-gray smoke curled up in the air, thick tall grass and woody shrubs covered the ground, and the ground darkened under a steady flame.Among the tallest plants found in the fire were some unusual plants growing in the bushes: Venus flytraps, only a few inches tall, with their pointed "mouths" open into the sky. 

The fire soon reduced their iconic image to ashes. 

A team of officials from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Council are watching the process. Instead of putting out the fire, they swept the grass with hand-held drip torches. And the wilderness before them was burnt out, and they rested, and their work was finished. The burning of these regulations-replacing natural fires in the past and recreating the conditions under which plants originally evolved-is essential to the health of flytraps. 

The spotted lantern fly has dotted wings and is a lovely little insect. But appearances are sometimes deceptive-lycopene is incredibly destructive. Spotted lantern flies greedily enjoy many plants, including fruit trees, hardwood, grapevines and ornamental plants.As the USDA points out: "if this pest is allowed to spread in the United States, it will seriously affect the grape, orchard and logging industries in the United States." 

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The pest, native to Southeast Asia, was first discovered in Pennsylvania in 2014 and has since been found in eight states. Some states have set up quarantine offices to control lantern flies. Because insects ride on wood, vegetation, vehicles and equipment, they are checked in and out of these states. 

Here are how to identify these invasive pests and destroy them. 

The lantern fly began laying eggs in October and continued to lay eggs in the first few frosts. When you see these dirty things on a hard surface, you can scrape them off with any hard tool, such as a putty knife, a stick, or a credit card. Place it in a bag or container containing alcohol or hand sanitizer for external use. The expansion of Pennsylvania State University says egg balls can also be broken or burned. 

After the eggs hatch, the nymphs climb up the tree so that they can eat the softest and freshest food. Many kinds of trees have spotted lantern fly nymphs, but they prefer celestial trees. To catch them, tape the trunk and trap the nymphs. You can buy this tape at the garden store or online and put it in the right place.

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