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Next month, Procter & Gamble (Procter & Gamble Co.)). Will enter the pest control business on a large scale, to 1200 Target stores to launch the Zevo series of insecticidal sprays and traps. 

Zevo uses a mixture of geraniol and cinnamon oil to kill flying and crawling insects in a way that is less harmful to humans and pets than existing products. Procter & Gamble tested these products at (University of Cincinnati) at the University of Cincinnati last year and then turned Zevo into a direct-selling brand for consumers. This is one of several ways Procter & Gamble can modify its traditional product release protocols to get Zevo into store shelves faster. 

"this is an area that we have just entered. So we need to get in touch with people who have a good foundation in entomology and bioscience, "says John Scatchley (John Scarchilli), head of R & D science communications at Procter & Gamble venture capital firm Procter & Gamble G Ventures."with locally available testing methods, we can quickly introduce traps from the first to the second and continue to improve the performance of these products." 

Zevo is participating in a $1.5 billion market where 90 per cent of all products kill insects with compounds with neurological problems in humans and muscle weakness in the dog and cat age. Researchers at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center even documented a link between commonly used pesticides and ADHD in children. Zevo's recipe comes from Envance Technologies, a North Carolina-based company that signed a joint development and licensing agreement with Procter & Gamble in 2017. 

"the technology here using Zevo, is a biological target for a specific receptor that acts only in bacteria, not people or pets," Scatchley said. " "this is the key difference that makes this approach both effective and safe." 

To measure the effectiveness of Zevo, Procter & Gamble turned to Joshua Benoit (Joshua Benoit), an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati's (University of Cincinnati). 

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To measure the effectiveness of Zevo, Procter & Gamble turned to Joshua Benoit (Joshua Benoit), an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati's (University of Cincinnati). 

Editor's note: the following article is excerpted from the forthcoming second edition of the PCT Field Guide to controlling structural flies with Stoy Hedges. 

The main measures to control myiasis include preventive measures and non-chemical control methods. The work of pest experts is to identify the causes of pests and make suggestions for control. 

Sanitation. The first goal of managing maggots-when they enter from the outside-is to minimize or eliminate the conditions that attract maggots into the building, which is a customer-oriented task. If customers do not solve external health problems, they are likely to have a more serious fly problem. 

Proper disposal of rubbish and regular cleaning of dustbins and garbage are essential to reducing flies near buildings. It is also helpful to put food waste in a plastic garbage bag before putting it in a dustbin. 

Keeping the dustbin clean will attract fewer flies. Regular cleaning also eliminates potential breeding grounds near buildings. If the trash can is too close to the building, flies attracted by the garbage will approach the delivery entrance or loading dock. As a result, the flies entering the building are much farther away than the place where the rubbish is thrown away. Trash bins and bins should be as far away from buildings as possible (that is, through parking lots or sidewalks). 

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Drosophila melanogaster (SWD) is a picky pest that waits for the right weather conditions and ripe fruit to lay eggs in the fruit. When the eggs of fruit flies hatch, the larvae eat in the fruit, causing the fruit to rot. Over time, some seriously infected orchards can even produce a smell similar to fermentation. 

These flies like to eat small fruits, such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and cherries. Northwest Michigan grows 50% of the country's sour cherries and fights this major invasive pest. It is difficult to control the Social Welfare Department because they breed every seven days, resulting in rapid population growth. 

This, they say, will eliminate the threat of the slaughter of thousands of free-walking horses and reduce the size of the herd, mainly by expanding fertility controls on the ranch. 

Critics say this will eliminate long-standing opposition to the capture of Mustang in 10 western states and could make it possible for mares to be sterilized. 

"this is a complete betrayal of the American wildlife community by the largest animal welfare organization in the United States," Susan Roy (Suzanne Roy), executive director of the Mustang movement (American wild Horse Campaign), said after Thursday's vote. 

A Senate committee on Thursday approved a $35.8 billion Interior Department appropriation bill, including an increase of $35 million for the United States Land Administration's Mustang and Donkey program. It is not clear when all members of the Senate will consider the measure. 

Cases of the virus have also been found in several counties in neighboring Michigan and in several counties in Indiana, the News reported.

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