How effective are glue traps for mice?


Many children don’t dare to use rat poison at home. Some rat poisons are effective. Rats will die immediately when eaten, but there are also great hidden dangers.

1. Rats belong to mammals, and rat poisons will choose more toxic drugs, and place them in the corners of the home. Children or pets may eat them by mistake.

2. After eating the rat poison, the mouse will die in a corner that is not easy to find. The corpse will not be cleaned for a long time, and the corpse will smell and mildew. The decaying corpse will also attract some destructive insects to your home Secondary pollution.

Without placing rat poison, you can only use physical mouse traps, including sticky rat boards, rat cages, rat clips, mouse repellents, etc. The sticky mouse board is placed on the route where the mouse may move (holes, corners, sides of the door, around the pipe and other areas where the mouse often moves, placed against the wall), the mouse is caught by accidentally stepping on it, so only enough is placed The amount of capture will be higher. The squirrel cage and the mouse clip are also placed in the same position, and then use bait (only one or two to put dried fruit) to attract the mouse and catch it.

Sticky mouse boards, cages, and mouse clips are also commonly used methods for catching rats, but people who have another kind of mouse repellent don't know if they are used. The rodent repellent uses an advanced ultrasonic and electromagnetic wave pulse to effectively interfere and stimulate the rat hearing system, making it unbearable, and causing panic and restlessness, showing symptoms of loss of appetite, escape, and even convulsions Can achieve the purpose of expelling rodents out of their range of activities. It will have obvious effect after working continuously for 3-4 weeks. Some people used it for a few days and found that there are still mice in their homes. Under the action of the mouse repellent, the rat is anxious and chaotically moving around. If it is used with a sticky mouse board at this time, the mouse will be easier to hook.

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