How to properly use the Mouse Trap kill mice


Proceed as follows:

1. Open the sticky mouse board with the glue side facing up. According to the walking habits of the mouse, fold it or lay it flat in the place where the mouse often appears, such as the wall, the corner or the rat hole, where the rats often move. Place it against the wall.

2. In places with a lot of humidity or dust, clean it first, then use a sticky mouse board.

3. The mouse caught by the glue should be disposed of in time, and the cleaned mouse board can be reused.

4, put some food on the sticky mouse board when using, to induce the mouse to feed, the capture effect is better.

5. If the rat density is high, several sticky mouse plates can be used at the same time. The more the sticky mouse plate is placed, the greater the probability of sticking to the mouse. Therefore, all the sticky mouse boards should be put on, stick to the rat's sticky mouse board and throw them away. The unstained sticky mouse board can be put up again.

6. If the mouse glues to your hands or clothes, wash it with petrol.

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