How to use cockroach medicine powder


The cockroach medicinal powder is a collective name for cockroach killing drugs. In view of the fact that cockroaches have become one of the major urban pests, in order to solve the problem of cockroaches, cockroach medicinal powders have also appeared. Today, I will introduce the use of cockroach medicine powder. I hope everyone has to help.

  Use method of cockroach medicine powder:

  The application time is preferably in the morning or eight or nine o'clock, because cockroaches usually come out for food in the morning and around 9: 00 ~ 11: 00 and 3: 00 ~ 4: 00. The garbage should be disposed of in time before application, block the door or wall joints with lime or glass glue, and wipe away cockroach feces (small black dots) and heavy oil with a rag.

  The method of application is to spread the dots on the surface and distribute them in places where cockroaches often appear.

cockroach medicine powder


  cockroach medicine powder cannot be used together with irritating chemicals, so as not to affect the attractiveness of the powder;

  It is not advisable to rinse the bait with water after application.

  When the density of cockroaches is high, it is advisable to supplement the medicinal powder in time to kill the cockroaches at home faster.

  The above is an introduction to the use of cockroach medicinal powder. I hope everyone will understand the use of cockroach medicinal powder and it will be helpful to everyone.

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