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New YORK-New York City's long struggle to cope with the growing number of rats may soon emerge as a new weapon, a mouse trap soaked in alcohol, the New York Post reported.

Brooklyn district governor Eric Adams (Eric Adams) showed off the novel devices on Thursday and showed about 20 dead mice that smelled bad and sickened reporters, the New York Times reported. 

According to Fast Company, this device is called a Ekomille trap. (see non-graphical video.). It is actually a box about 18 inches tall, seducing mice with baits such as sunflower seeds and nuts. Once in the box, a trapdoor will send the mouse into a solution of alcohol and vinegar, in which the mouse will drown. 

The battery-powered mousetrap is very humane because it can kill mice quickly, according to the New York Mousetrap Company. Each can hold 30 or 40 mice. 

"We are dealing with the crisis," Adams told reporters. "it would be irresponsible of me to let my feelings of being a vegetarian affect the trauma of our families and what they are going through." 

Mice breed very fast. Ideally, two mating mice can reproduce 15000 offspring a year, making it difficult to kill pests. Although one of the most common methods of control is the use of rodenticide bait, it is well known that pests can evolve into resistance to pesticides and rodenticide and require increased concentrations or combinations to be effective. Although people try to reduce the need for sterilized males by introducing sterilized males into the population, females tend to discriminate against treated males, according to research by Stephen M. Schuster (Stephen M. Shuster, et al. Therefore, "pest control measures to reduce fertility, rather than those that lead to sterilization or death of pests, may be the most effective way to slow the evolution of drug resistance"-especially for both sexes. 

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But, he says, that means changing the goal of pest control. Instead of trying to destroy the entire population, PMPs can use such contraceptives to reduce the reproduction rate of rodents, and then, because rodents are now sterilized, rodenticide can be used to destroy populations. Without having to worry about drug resistance in future generations. 

Effective control. Terry Horston (Terry Hoselton), the boss of Missouri Pest Consulting, used this method to kill rodents in (St. Louis's Kiener Plaza) in St. Louis Square.The city is undergoing massive changes to its parks, but as the rodent population continues to grow, the number of rodents has exceeded 400, and there are more than 70 active caves."it has become a $25 million mouse apartment!" He said. 

Every six minutes, seven days a week, eight hours a day. This is the rate of euthanasia of cats in animal shelters in 2009. Keith Williams, founder of the Clark County Community Cat Alliance, says 75 a day, more than 27000 a year. The vast majority of those killed were wild cats or free-walking cats, many of which were abandoned by their owners during the recession. 

Since then, thanks to the epiphany of shelter management and government officials, they have found that trapping, sterilizing and returning cats to their outdoor habitats are more likely to break the cycle of overpopulation than collective euthanasia. The death rate of cats has plummeted. 

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Last year, the shelter euthanized fewer than four cats a day. In December, the shelter took in only 66 cats for the whole month, an all-time low. 

This frees up cage space for other animals, allowing lie to adopt more dogs, reduce their euthanasia rate, and save nearly $1 million a year on food and other costs. 

"entrapment, sterilization and release account for 90% of cats, while forced sterilization and sterilization reduce the number of dogs," Williams said. 

In Houston, only two things are certain: air conditioning and cockroaches. 

One is a gift in the face of adverse humidity, and the other is bugs that have spawned a large-scale pest control industry in the region. 

Cockroaches are part of life in Houston. Most Houston people see two kinds of cockroaches. You have flying cockroaches, a lot of brown species. That's an American cockroach, also known as a palm bug. Yes, these jumped out of the trees on a dark night. 

German cockroaches are indoor residents, and their time runs around the floor, through your drainage system and the food supply in your house. 

The simplest, most expensive and often the most effective solution is to hire extinction services. Cockroaches can nest anywhere: curved pipes, dark cracks, gaps between appliances and counters, garage corners.

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