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I opened my email and saw a press release from the Maine Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from (Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention) informing the media that two adults on the central coast of Maine were hospitalized with Poisson encephalitis (Powassan encephalitis). Both patients were treated and discharged, but I recognized the phrase "Powassan virus" from the widely reported death of Maine artist Lin Snow (Lyn Snow) four years ago. In November 2013, Snow appeared healthy at the pelvic Bay Medical Center on the central coast of the United States, asking for help getting rid of stubborn ticks. A few days later, she fell into unstoppable delirium and died in December after being connected to a ventilator at (Maine Medical Center), a medical center in Portland and Maine. 

When I looked for Powassan on the CDC website, I found that its diagnosis was rare-only about 100 cases have been recorded nationwide in the past decade, and 10 in Maine since 2000. For example, Lyme disease is caused by bacteria and is not transmitted to the host until the tick is embedded in the host for more than 24 hours, while the Powassan virus can spread within 15 minutes. Half of the confirmed patients suffered permanent nerve injury. One in ten people with encephalitis dies from encephalitis. In 1958, a 4-year-old boy died three days after being hospitalized at Toronto Children's Hospital. 

A few hours after reading a press release from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Maine, I removed a nymph from behind my 3-year-old son's right ear, protruding like freckles and wriggling its hind legs excitedly. The night before, my wife and I had a thorough examination of him, just as our two sons examined him every night before going to bed for eight months of the year. He may have got ticks from playing outside day care or from our indoor and outdoor cats, who often transport ticks to our homes, even though they are treated with local pesticides every month. Or he could have been bitten in our yard that night, next to 500 acres of woods in the middle of Maine's inland coast.We pulled out the lice with tweezers and flushed it into the toilet as usual. 

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An interesting thing happened in the next few weeks-specifically, the Centers for Disease Control page told me that it might take four weeks to develop Bowassan symptoms: I'm worried. Look at signs of fever, fatigue or loss of coordination. Although regular tick bites are part of our family life, and although I am well aware that the risk of Bowassan syndrome is similar to that of being hit by a meteor, I was slightly anxious about encephalitis and brain damage until late summer. 

The northwest corner of Newark Bay is where comedians laugh at New Jersey as a dung pit.The situation on the industrial coast of the bay, which is co-located with the Passek River (Passaic River), is grim, filled with abandoned chemical plants that use their surroundings as toilets. The most notorious of these facilities is the production of nearly 1 million gallons of Agent Orange, a toxic defoliant that was widely used during the Vietnam War and caused suffering for generations. The Agent Orange factory emitted so much of the carcinogen dioxin that the governor of New Jersey declared a state of emergency in June 1983. Although the Environmental Protection Agency ((Environmental Protection Agency)) has announced a $1.4 billion clean-up, the waters near (Newark's Ironbound), near the Newark Iron Zone, are still highly polluted; there are few worse places to swim in the United States. 

However, Upper Newark Bay is not lifeless.Beneath its dark green surface lived a school of Atlantic minnows, a silvery minnows common on the east coast. These fish are almost indistinguishable from most other species, except that they have a special ability to thrive in conditions that are fatal to their own kind. When fish caught from less polluted environments are exposed to dioxin levels, as in the bay, they are either unable to reproduce or their offspring die before hatching; Their cousins in Newark, by contrast, swim and breed happily in poisonous soup. 

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Eight years ago, when he was an associate professor at Louisiana State University, an environmental toxicologist named Andrew Whitehead decided to find out what made Newark's mackerel so tenacious. He and his team collected sample fish from a cove near the city's airport and began deconstructing their genomes, screening millions of lines of genetic code for tiny eccentricities that could explain the creatures' immunity to dioxin damage. 

Rats have lived among us for hundreds of millions of years, enjoy the food we store, and find warmth in our homes. The struggle to eliminate rats has been carried out all over the world, and countless traps and poisons have been used with varying degrees of success.Follow these basic steps to liberate yourself from these pests and prevent them from coming back.

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