Rodent mouse glue trap skills and replacement time


       There are many types of rodent killing devices, such as mouse clips, mouse traps, rodent mouse glue trap, etc. The choice of rodent killing devices is also based on the situation. Let ’s share with you how to use rodent mouse glue trap and how often rodent mouse glue trap needs to be replaced.

  Rodent mouse glue trap tips

  1. See where the mouse came from, and block the hole. Generally, the mouse can enter the room through the 0.6CM gap.

  2. When the mouse's feet step on water or there is dust, the sticky trapping effect of rodent mouse glue trap will decrease. Try not to put the mouse board in the place with water or dust. In addition, the rodent mouse glue trap can also be used with the odent mouse glue trap dust cover. The protective cover can effectively prevent dust, and can also prevent humans or non-target animals from touching, prolonging the service life and improving the rat catching rate.

  3. Rodent mouse glue trap is best placed along the wall, because mice are timid, usually running against the wall, mouse board against the wall will increase the rate of sticky catch.

  4. The quality of some rodent mouse glue traps is not very good, and some mice are larger in size, and the mice may escape after stepping on the mouse board. When buying rodent mouse glue traps, you should choose thicker glue.

  5. When placing rodent mouse glue trap, you can put more in the same position. In a standard room of 15 square meters, 4 rodent mouse glue traps can be placed (depending on the actual situation).

  6. Rodent mouse glue trap is more convenient and applicable than mouse clamp. It is recommended to use mouse board.

Rodent mouse glue trap

  Rodent mouse glue trap replacement time

  If it is a dusty place, it should be replaced in time (usually two or three days); but if there is little dust, it can be replaced in about a week. In addition, the effect of rodent mouse glue trap in winter will be worse than that in summer, mainly due to the effect of temperature. If the temperature is high, the rodent mouse glue trap will become more sticky. For autumn and winter seasons, you can put the rodent mouse glue trap on the radiator and heat it slightly to increase its viscosity.

  In addition, the rodent mouse glue trap is equipped with a special dust cover, which prevents human feet or other animals from accidentally stepping on the rodent mouse glue trap, and on the other hand prevents dust or moisture from directly falling on the glue to affect the effect. Can extend the life of rodent mouse glue trap. The dust cover can be reused and is a good mouse-trapping aid.

  The above is an introduction to the usage technique and replacement time of rodent mouse glue trap. I hope everyone will understand the usage technique and replacement time of rodent mouse glue trap, which will be helpful to everyone.

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