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(PETA), a group for the treatment of animals, said on Thursday that it would send a "humane mousetrap" to the White House to save a mouse that fell from the ceiling in a room full of reporters earlier this week. 

Ingrid Newcock, president of PETA, said in a statement: "the White House is also the home of this mouse, but we would rather drive it out than remove its internal organs, so we provide a humane trap. So that it can stay outside safely. " "the effective anti-rat measure is to keep the smart and gentle mice away from the glue trap and the reporter's knee without harming the mice." 

The mouse caused a sensation on Tuesday when it fell from the ceiling of the White House press office and landed on the leg of a reporter. 

NBC correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted that the mouse fell on him from above and reporters gathered to look for the rodent. 

One reporter wrote on Twitter that it was "the most exciting thing in the White House briefing room in months," implying that the Trump administration has been suspending traditional daily news briefings for months. 

A mousetrap sent by (PETA) catches mice and sets them free safely. 

Animal rights groups will also submit a reminder to the White House: "live in harmony with house rats and rats," Newcock said. " 

If necessary, PETA "is willing to provide more humane traps," she said. 

When it is necessary to program an industrial robot on a production line, the production line must be stopped. Because downtime can cost thousands of dollars, programming (OLP) offline is an attractive option for many manufacturers. Using simulation software, you can digitally recreate robots, tools, fixtures, and entire units, and then define a complete program that contains actions, tool commands, and logic. The program can be processed and downloaded to a robot, similar to the process of programming any CNC machine tool with CAM software. 

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Even if downtime is not a problem, however, there are still some cases where designing a robot program in simulation is preferable to manual programming. For example, in a palletizing application that involves dozens or even hundreds of boxes, a typical program might contain hundreds of points. Teaching all these points manually will be tedious and time-consuming. In these cases, OLP begins to play a role. 

The American Humane Society and Polaris Rescue, in partnership with the TV show hoarder, cleared about 2000 pet rats in Southern California. When rescuers arrived at the scene, they found hundreds of rats wandering freely in the house. Some people suffer from skin diseases, parasites and other diseases. The owner kept a few mice as pets, but soon couldn't stand it, allowing them to breed until they finally took over the house.The owners returned all the animals to Polaris, while the Animal Protection Society of Hong Kong provided assistance in animal handling and transport. The American Association for Health Protection has transferred more than 1500 mice to a temporary shelter at the Andy Pet Store Adoption Center in San Jose. United Animals has been summoned to set up temporary shelters and provide shelter assistance, and Polaris will take care of the mice at Andy's pet store until they are adopted in their new home. The PetSmart charity also provided much-needed shelter for the rescued animals. The rescue operation appeared in the final episode of season 3 of the hoarder. Key words: rats, animal hoarding, animal rescue, adoption, exercise. 

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One of the world's largest animal welfare charities has urged Lochaber residents to support its call for the Scottish government to ban cruel glue traps. 

The Scottish Government is currently reviewing the public sale and use of glue traps.

Rat glue traps sold in hundreds of DIY stores and small stores cause unimaginable pain to thousands of helpless animals every year. 

Trapped in glue for hours or days, mice and mice suffer terrible injuries and slow death. As they struggled to escape in despair, many broke their limbs, tore their fur and skin, and died of asphyxiation or dehydration. 

Mickey Mouse is cute, but his real-life friends have no business in your home. Unfortunately, mice are illiterate, so putting up a "no rodent" sign doesn't drive away these creepy little animals. However, knowing why they came in can help control the mice. 

"rodents like what we offer them: food, water and shelter!" If there is a vacancy, they will use it and then use the safe place and the food resources in our house, "Holguin entomologist and technical services manager Chelle Hartzer told Today's House." 

Like many of us, mice don't like the cold, so they tend to seek shelter in colder months.They are also attracted to a few specific rooms in your family.

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