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An old cowboy factory in a small town in Texas has been transformed into a dairy processing plant. The Texas Farm Bureau explained how this would create jobs for the local economy and would provide a place for dairy farmers to take milk. 

Doha's Hamad International Airport opened in 2014. The airport initially carried 29 million passengers a year, but we know that over time, the plan is to increase the capacity of the airport. 

Details of the next phase of the expansion were announced today at Hamad International Airport. The expansion plan will be completed in 2022, and we should look forward to: 

10000 square meters (about 107000 square feet) of indoor tropical garden and 268 square meters (about 2900 square feet) of waterscape. 
11720 square meters (approximately 126000 square feet) of additional retail and catering outlets. 
A new 9000 square meter (approximately 97000 square feet) Al Mourjan lounge). 
This will increase the capacity of the airport to more than 60 million passengers a year. 

Two invasive species that harm crops, Oriental fruit flies, were found near Meadowview in Sacramento and confirmed by the Sacramento County Agriculture Commissioner and state agencies on Wednesday. 

County authorities said in a press release Friday that they were responding to an "extensive investigation" by placing fruit fly traps in concentric circles a few miles around the site. More tests could trigger another quarantine, they reported. 

Sixteen fruit flies were found in Sacramento (Sacramento) last year, quarantining the city's 123 square miles (123 square miles) for nine months, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture ((California Department of Food and Agriculture)). The quarantine ended in June, according to the Bees. 

Interim Commissioner Chris Flores (Chris Flores) said at a news conference on Friday that the 8-millimeter yellow bug could wreak havoc on agriculture and natural resources.They target more than 230 kinds of fruits, vegetables and plants, such as oranges, avocados and tomatoes. 

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"when female fruit flies lay their eggs in the fruit, they cause damage," the news article said. "eggs hatch into maggots, which pass through the flesh, making it unfit to eat." 

They were mainly distributed in South Asia and invaded parts of Africa and Hawaii. In the United States, they usually appear in cities and suburbs. Officials say they pose no threat to humanity. 

Federal, state and county agricultural authorities say they work all year round to "maintain California's natural environment and adequate food supply, free from pests," and they urge you to be vigilant, too. "when we travel abroad or mail parcels to California, we urge the public not to bring back or mail fruit, vegetables or meat products because they are the way for oriental fruit flies and other invasive species to enter our state," Flores said. " 

African swine fever continues to spread overseas, and U. S. officials are trying to keep it outside our country. The disease is now only 400 miles from Australia. Officials have found new cases on small farms, according to an Australian television network. 

Also over the weekend, Hungarian officials reported five new cases of dead wild boars near Budapest. The causes of pollution in both countries are still unclear, but many believe they are tourists from affected areas. 

As previously reported, 14 states are working with the United States Department of Agriculture to conduct exercises on possible cases of classical swine fever in Africa in the United States. 

The role-playing exercise will last for four days, including ASF's "phased" report, a statewide pig transport freeze, the deployment of animal disease investigators and simulated quarantine on Mississippi farms. Our goal is to make a full response within 24 hours of the "pretend" ASF notification. Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Mike. Neg said the purpose of the exercise is to carry out the plan and identify possible loopholes. 

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They have also added unprecedented access restrictions, such as not allowing access to those with upgrade tickets. 

That is why it is exciting that, as part of this expansion, we will see a nearly 100000 square foot Al Mourjan lounge at Doha Airport. The lounge is expected to be higher than retail space and will have the view of tropical gardens. 

While details are not yet clear, it will include spas, gyms, restaurants and business centers. 

They will retain existing lounges, including Al Safwa and Al Mourjan lounges, so this is all the additional capacity. In any case, the current Al Mourjan lounge is just over 100000 square feet, so its capacity will nearly double. 

Bottom line. 
Between the beautiful new garden and the huge new Al Mourjan lounge, Doha's Hamad airport should be better in a few years. 

Although Hamad Airport is a huge improvement over the old airport in Doha (basically a shed-look at my comments on the advanced terminal a long time ago), I am surprised that even at the new airport, there are so many.

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