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  • Factories Sell Affordable Good Quality Sell Mouse Catch

    Factories Sell Affordable Good Quality Sell Mouse Catch

    Super viscous force mousetrap, suitable for families, factories, indoor use, office, companies such as all kinds of complicated environment, easy to use, large size can be folded, small size can fit into a narrow aperture, each dimension has a different quality, corresponding to different regions and climate, you may contact our customer service and sales team to understand. We have 12 years of industry experience and know the situation of various countries in the world. We can provide you with the most suitable sales plans and products, and make targeted sales plans according to the price and local consumption ability. Our products are very environmentally friendly and safe. Most of them contain high viscosity glue. If you accidentally get it on your body or clothes, you can use gasoline to clean them. If your country needs some certification certificates or safety certificates, you can contact us and we will conduct testing, because our products are very safe and environmental protection, all of these tests can pass, you don't need to worry. The shelf life of our products is three years, and the glue is rich in viscosity within three years. Due to the different sanitary conditions and climate in each country, the shelf life may fluctuate a little. I hope you can understand this. Because we are the factory and the combination of the company, so we in the goods time, custom is very has the advantage, that is why our clients would like to one of the reasons for the long-term cooperation with us, if you have your own brand, need to do their own design, can be sent to us for printing production, of course, if the brand is not their own, illegal in China, we can't to production and sales, must be the brand authorization or patent, we can normal production

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